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I'd guess that at least 60% of Empaths have no idea that they even are Empaths, and I'd guess that most who do, have no idea of how to clear that negative gicky energy away when it starts to build up. This is why one needs empath tips. The answer is extremely easy with some empath tips, and probably a bit surprising. Actually, there are several answers. Some I've found on my own, some I've found through other Empaths -- and I'm sure there are some I've yet to discover. Let's start with my faves.

Take a Bath


Nothing -- and I do mean nothing -- is more purifying than clean water. Bathing is better than showering, because your entire body is cleansed more deeply than if you just twirl about under the shower. While you don't have to use any particular type of cleanser, I highly recommend using something containing sage. My personal favorite is combining sage-based bubble bath and sage-based natural soap. I don't use them every single day; sometimes I use super-girlie bubble bath and soap. Sometimes I mix the two. It really depends on how I'm feeling and how "dirty" I feel. Obviously, the more spiritually clogged I feel, the more likely I am to use the sage, as sage is one of the most purifying elements you can find. If you've had a stressful day, take a second bath before you go to bed, and clear that gick away. You will feel far better when you wake up than you would without doing so. Which leads me to the next point.

Sleep On It

Sometimes when I'm feeling super bogged down with negative energy, I will go take a nap. Before going to sleep, I'll ask Sebastian and a few other spirits to help me clear the crap away. I will also ask for help sorting out whatever it is that's bothering me. I tend to wake up with a clear picture of precisely how to fix the issue, and the motivation to do it. Keep in mind, I'm only talking about a nap here. I don't mean to suggest you ought to sleep the entire day away -- though, to be honest, I've had to do just that on several occasions.

Watch What You Eat

Did you know that certain types of food can turn your energy a bit "greasy"? I'll give you the perfect example: Mayonnaise. I love, love, love mayo (I could easily eat it straight out of the jar) but over the years I have noticed that I always feel spiritually clogged after eating it, even if only in very moderate portions. That's not to say mayo is bad and will affect every Empath the same way -- I'm just pointing out that sometimes we make ourselves feel "dirty" without even realizing it. Now when I eat mayo I know I will have to take a good bath afterward, or run around feeling spiritually "greasy" all day. Mind what you eat; you might be able to stop yourself from attracting more negative energy.

Take Breaks From People

"Normal" people give off their crap without realizing it. They don't mean to push it all onto an Empath, but our absorbent natures pretty much invite them to do so on sight. If you're not skilled at blocking this, don't be afraid to take a little "me" time once a week or so. Stay in, watch a feel-good movie, or do something else which makes you happy. Spend some time raising your vibration and you will clear a lot of that gunk out.

Spend Time Outside

Every Empath should be spending at least 5 or 10 minutes outside in the mornings (or whenever you wake up) to acclimate and align yourself with the universe. Going outside to just sit and breathe the fresh air in can really ground your energy and give you a boost that really can't be achieved through any other method. The same can be said of going outside before bedtime. You don't have to do anything; in fact, it's better if you do nothing. Just sit there and be. It feels wonderful. Personally, I've noticed that the best times (for me) to do this are just after sunrise and just after sunset. But it can be done any time you choose.

Drink Juice

Cranberry juice and other types of juice can really make a body feel cleansed from the inside out. If you do try one of these, try to find something natural, as opposed to artificially flavored. You want the naturally purifying properties, because they will do a much better job of clearing that energy away.

Breathing Exercises

Breathing is so important. Inhale through your nose and exhale slowly through the mouth. It should be very controlled, steady and slow. You don't want to rush it, you want to get every last bit of crap out of there, and to do that you need to do it slowly. That said, you need to work your way up to this: Do Not start out with 30 second inhalations, even if you can do it easily. Believe me when I tell you this can bring things to the surface that you are not ready to deal with. Start with 5 seconds in and out and then work your way up in increments of 5. And by this I mean 5 seconds each time for maybe a week or two, and then go up and follow that type of progression.

When In Doubt, Clear The Crap

Sometimes we forget how easy it is to clear all this spiritual crap away. You really need to train yourself to remember it during those times when it feels like the negative energy is building up. Of course, you could always do one of these things every day, no matter what, and that in itself would help even when you're not actively thinking about clearing it. If you've other methods to share, feel free to share them in the comments.

Love, Freya

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