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Endorphin Release

endorphin release

Most of us are not aware of the term “endorphins”, however, we have it in our bodies. Endorphin Release is nothing but a pain relieving component that is produced by the brain naturally. We never knew that we could remove our own pain, did we? Let’s look into some details as to what are endorphin releases and how to maximize the same.
Endorphins are usually released in times of strenuous physical exercises like walking, running, jogging or playing any game. This is the peak time that the brain releases endorphins. These are natural hormones that are stored in the pituitary glands. During times of physical exercise, the brain takes these hormones from the pituitary glands and releases them across the body, mainly to the spinal cords. There are instances where people who have been suffering from ligament pain or any other joint pain, have felt that their pain suddenly vanished at times of some physical activities. This is because the endorphin that is produced by the brain removes the pain from the body. Hence it is recommended to tap this potential of our brains, so that the endorphin release capacity increases.

The website gives details about various software techniques through which one can monitor the performance of the brain and increase one’s overall personality. There is a software for increasing the endorphin release on this website. One has to first download this software on one’s PC. This comes in an easily downloadable format. The price for downloading is also very affordable.

This software must be listened to, with the help of headphones. It creates certain frequency waves in the ears, which then sends signals to the brain. The brain tries to understand the signals from the transmitted waves and reaches a state between the conscious and sub conscious states. It is at this stage that the brain is highly powerful, and it is this particular point, that it can be used to release endorphin hormones. At this stage, the brain has great potential for memory power increase, for relaxation techniques etc. This potential has to be tapped to the maximum extent possible to derive great benefits.

There are various studies to prove that this software does really help in increased release in endorphins. A group of people were made to listen to this particular software. Their blood samples before and after hearing this particular software were taken as the base for the study. The results were obvious. The blood samples taken after the software training, of eight percent of the people, were found to have atleast 50% more endorphin than the samples taken before the training. This only proves how effective this software is over the performance of the brain. The brain is very relaxed and it performs to great extents when it is relax. Therefore, one must take care to ensure that we never strain our brain and create any undue pressure. The loss is ours, because, we are creating a negative effect on our brain, whenever we feel tensed or get pressurized.

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