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Meditation Practice

Meditation Practice

Being still is a great way of aligning oneself with the deeper rhythms of the universe and meditation practice is a fantastic tool to help accomplish this. When one meditates one goes into a deeper state where by their energy merges with higher consciousness or deeper aspects of self.

Stilling the mind through focusing on the breath, numbers, observing thoughts or other simple activities is a great way to start to learn how to merge into the deeper aspect of consciousness. Mediation practice can be done with eyes open or closed. Mediation is not simply about sitting still for 15 minutes though, it is about experiencing the depths, joys and rhythms of the universe. Becoming one with ourselves and life is not only a birthright but a way to greatly improve our lives.

Mediation also helps to clear the mind because the practice of calming the mind in mediation flows on to the everyday. Meditation practice will help one to become clearer, calmer and more relaxed. One will also become stronger emotionally and mentally. So the effects are not solely experienced while one is meditating they have an effect on our mind and life outside of meditation.

For example, meditation is great for the relief of stress, ultimately with years of practice and awareness it is possible not to feel stress at all for stress is essentially created by the mind. Without a mind that is jumping all over the place a sense of  peace pervades our consciousness and learning to rest in that peace is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves.

With an overactive mind that is busied by thoughts regarding the everyday we often have trouble seeing the perfection in the day and the beauty in the moment. Being in the moment is the one of the greatest experiences this life has to offer. Meditation will help one merge into the now because without such a busy and active mind that often seems to want to project into the future or the past, we can concentrate on what is in front of us. This will lead us into a greater experience of that moment and ultimately into the great depths waiting to be discovered right in front of us.

Joining a meditation class can be a good way to get a mediation routine established. This is because the joint energy of a group meditation session can make it easier to slip into a meditative state and indeed the simple act of attending a class on at least a weekly basis will help one get into the groove of a mediation practice.

In terms of how much to meditate it is generally a relative decision. It is usually recommend that people should seek to meditate 15-20 minutes per day. However simply sitting there waiting for the time to pass will not provide much benefit to the individual.

It is important to perhaps observe thought during the beginning stages of a meditation routine if the mind and body don't seem to settle into it. Then at least one can begin to see that the mind is constantly active and some of the thoughts that it seems to create come from nowhere. Yet we often base our feelings and decisions on these thoughts. Getting some insight into the activities of the mind is perhaps a good way to focus at the beginning should one simply be waiting for the 15-20min to be up.

Eventually a good meditation practice will essentially lead one deeper into their self. If one is able to sit down and experience the deeper parts of themselves and the universe that they have trouble accessing through the everyday then this is a good practice. Over time the depths and feelings of calm increase allowing the individual to go even deeper.

Do not concern yourself with having experiences that match up to what may be described in texts as each spiritual discipline that practices meditation has different way to meditate and some even describe distinct stages that can be reached. Find your own rhythm and depth and keep on going deeper into yourself and expanding your awareness of who you are.

In order to get the most out of your meditation practice you must enjoy what you do for when you enjoy something the mind does not get in the way of the activity. Enjoying it will help you go so deep that you may begin to lose a sense of who you are and find that you are one and all is one. That type of feeling is well worth the discipline of establishing a meditation routine.

Finally, it is important that those seeking to do psychic work to have a strong meditation routine. For those seeking to develop psychically, meditation is a very important tool that allows for greater contact to be made with different aspects of consciousness around us. A still mind and emotions allows to greater connect with source and indeed allow information to come to us through our senses.

By: Stuart Bates

Stuart's main interests lie in the field of meditation and the
intuitive/psychic realm. He has connection with his guides through his
channeling, this is a stream of information from which he learns constantly.
To discover more on the subject of meditation or channeling visit: The-Psychic-Detective.com




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