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Meditation Tips

Meditation Tips

Meditation Tips - Cats, Bullies and Other Distractions

These meditation tips are a must for people who have trouble focusing when meditating and should help their concentration immensley.

Shortly after I turned forty it all fell apart. I developed an Autoimmune disorder and my body began to attack itself, big time. The next years became a deluge of Doctor's visits and countless medications. In time my spirit withered with my health and it wasn't long before depression set in.

A close friend suggested that I give meditation a try. If you knew me you'd know just how difficult this idea was to swallow, but I was getting desperate and decided to reluctantly agreed to give it a shot.

It's been over five years now and sometimes I feel like I still don't get this whole meditation thing. Sure it sounded simple enough in theory and principle, but practice, well...that's another situation entirely.

Ok, let's see just what I'm doing wrong here?

I draw the blinds, close the bedroom door, light my "higher awareness" candle then put on the "Ten Steps to Deeper Mediation CD. Plopping myself down cross-legged on my (Zafu) meditation cushion I touch my index fingers to thumbs and then, then - nothing.

I can't shut my mind off no matter how hard I try and all of a sudden it's important to remember when I got my last oil change, if this years a leap year or the name of the kid who bullied me in forth grade. Experts tell you not to fight it and just let the thoughts go and eventually peace and enlightenment will be mine, but I got to tell you, I'm not buying it.

I've tried changing rooms, candles, cushions, CD's and still nothing. I get into position, the music begins and so do the distractions. Is the stove on? Is the cat in? Do I have enough milk for breakfast tomorrow? - ad nauseum.

This is the way it's been for years until three months ago when thankfully I became the
recipient of an Ipod, thanks to my Brother making an upgrade to a larger one. So I loaded it up with music, plugged in the headphones and went for a nice, long, walk. It was wonderful, relaxing and invigorating all at the same time, the music keeping perfect synch with my footsteps and breathing. As I was trying to find the perfect word to describe it, then it hit me...Meditative!

Traditionalists certainly wouldn't call this textbook meditation by any stretch of the imagination but it was certainly what I needed, what I'd been searching for, for all those years. Who would've figured that an old pair of Nike Cortez sneakers and a loop of "one hit wonder's" from the 1980's, would finally give me peace of mind. since then I've added a number of more traditional meditation programs and tracks to the Ipod and haven't missed a day of walking since I started.

Aside from the obvious mental benefits, I've lost ten pounds, my high blood sugar has dropped considerably and I eliminated gluten and wheat based products from my diet. I now find myself more patient, relaxed and centered on a daily basis and my friends and children have noticed the difference too.

So if you're like me I highly recommend this form of relaxation, especially if you're having trouble with the more traditional forms of meditation. Well, it looks like this will be the closest I get to achieving total enlightenment in this lifetime...and that's alright with me.

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